Company Profile

posted on 14.05.2014 by admin

Treasure Coast College Planning was designed with one thing in mind “help students achieve their dream of attending college by helping to alleviate the financial burden”.

The founder John Wiswell was motivated to start Treasure Coast College Planning for three reasons.  First as a father of five he saw how difficult it is to understand the financial aid system and all its rules and regulations. His second motivation was his background in finance from his time at the Wharton School to working for some of the largest financial firms in the country.   And thirdly it seems that all scholarships are need based and Mr. Wiswell believes that the system should not just reward people for their need but reward them for their ideas, creativity and dreams. This is why we ask for no financial information in the rewarding of any of Treasure Coast College Planning Scholarship funds.

Our goal is to help families learn how to maximize their financial aid, in many cases receiving thousands of dollars in aid that they would never have known they qualified for. The majority of earnings from the sale of our program are returned back to the students that apply for scholarships.  The Scholarship Program we have created shows students we want to be a part of helping them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.