Program Benefits

posted on 29.08.2014 by admin

For just $20!  Our program will teach you the fundamental principles and strategies which can be implemented when completing the FASFA form.  Before you begin, it is imperative that you understand two major principles. First, “college” is a big business and you are a consumer! With that in mind, you need to take advantage of our program in order to educate yourself, just as you would with any other large purchase.

Second, you must understand that Federal financial aid is a government program. Like most government programs there are many rules and regulations that guide how they work.  If you are going to maximize your financial aid award, you must learn how to speak the language of financial aid; learn how income, assets, home equity and even family dynamics have a direct affect upon the outcome of your financial aid award. Having a strong understanding of both the language and the rules will be crucial to your success.

Here is how our program works:  after your purchase the program you will be given access to our Learning Center.  This is where you will be taken through a three step process.  Step #1 – we will educate you on Acronyms, Formulas and Websites that you need to know before you can move forward.  Step #2 – we will explain the financial aid rules.  You will then need to decide which rules apply to your family (the rules which apply to your situation will be very obvious).    Step #3 – we give you strategies that correspond to each of the rules.  You will find when applying these strategies you will greatly increase your financial aid package.

By understanding the way the government calculates financial aid you can use their own rules to increase your financial aid package.  You MUST think of completing the FASFA form much like you would when doing your income taxes.  You would not file your 1040 unless you knew what income you were required to report and what deductions were available to you, so why would you file the FASFA form without knowing the rules and regulations that dramatically affect the financial aid package you ultimately end up receiving.